Our Chief Investigators are highly regarded in their field, bringing world class research expertise to the Centre

Martin Scanlon

Monash University

Professor Martin Scanlon is the Director of the ARC CFBD and Scientific Director of the Monash Fragment Platform.

Sally-Ann Poulsen

Griffith University

Professor Sally-Ann Poulsen is a medicinal chemist and leads the Fragment Screening research theme.

Ben Capuano

Monash University

Dr Ben Capuano is a synthetic medicinal chemist specialising in GPCRs and leads the Fragment Elaboration theme.

Joel Mackay

University of Sydney

Professor Joel Mackay is a specialist in protein structure, function, design and engineering. He leads the Protein Expression theme.

Ray Norton

Monash University

Professor Ray Norton holds a Personal Chair at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. His lab employs a range of biophysical approaches, including NMR, SPR, ITC and X-ray crystallography, in studies of peptide and protein toxins and malaria.

Michael Kassiou

University of Sydney

Professor Michael Kassiou utilises modern organic chemistry techniques to rationally design and synthesise novel compounds for a range of CNS targets.

Jonathan Baell

Monash University

Professor Jonathan Baell researches the discovery of new anti-parasitic compounds for the treatment of malaria and neglected diseases and the potential of computer-aided design techniques to generate compounds that can be used to treat diseases.