Max Lumetzberger

Max Lumetzberger is a PhD student within the Centre for Fragment-Based Design (CFBD) based at Monash University.

Research Overview
Max is trying to develop broad-range inhibitors against Dengue and Zika virus through the use of FBDD by targeting a protease that is crucial for their proliferation. Dengue and Zika are both members of the Flaviviridae family viruses and this protease is highly conserved in all members of the family.

Max did a BSc. in chemistry and a MSc. in organic chemistry at Lund University in Sweden, with an exchange year in University of California Irvine.

After he graduated with his Master’s, Max found work as a research chemist at a small to medium sized pharmaceutical company in Sweden called Red Glead. During the year he worked at Red Glead, he realised how important a connection to industry would be for him in any future academic endeavours. Industrial projects tend to be more productive, efficient, and focused on finding direct solutions.

“Although I loved working in industry and fully intend on going back to industry in the future, I pursued a PhD for three main reasons: I wanted to move abroad to experience more of the world and extend my international network, and a PhD is a perfect opportunity for this. Career-wise I noticed that there is a clear glass-ceiling within life-sciences for those without a PhD if you want to work with research. Thirdly and most importantly, obtaining a PhD the highest form of diploma one can attain has always been a personal dream of mine, to really become an expert within your field.”, Max says.