The ARC Centre for Fragment-Based Design (ARC CFBD) is an Industrial Transformation Training Centre funded by the Australian Research Council.
We aim to facilitate access to the transformative technology of Fragment-Based Design (FBD) through our multidisciplinary technology network. 
Working with our industry partners, we aim to inspire entrepreneurial Early Career Researchers, and accelerate research translation.

What is Fragment-Based Design?

Fragment-Based Design (FBD) is a relatively new approach for identifying ligands of protein targets. The strategy of FBD involves identifying small chemical compounds or ‘fragments’ that, owing to their size, generally bind with relatively low affinity, and then elaborating these to produce larger, higher affinity ligands (or hits). The impacts of the FBD technology and approaches being developed by the ARC CFBD will provide a significant shift in our ability to characterise interactions between molecules, which is fundamental to our understanding of mechanisms in the chemical and biological sciences, as well as the discovery and development of novel compounds.

Accelerating research translation


We are a team of multidisciplinary experts in Fragment-Based Design


We partner with industry to accelerate research translation and enhance graduate skills


We provide innovative research training for our PhD students and postdoctoral scientists

Fragment Library Design

Developing libraries of chemical fragments to cover chemical space and potentially uncover new and valuable bioactive molecules

Fragment Screening

Optimising biophysical screening methods (NMR, MS) and fragment hit ranking strategies to identify compounds that bind to a target protein & accelerate lead development

Protein Expression & Sample Preparation

Developing new approaches to sample preparation and screening to enable FBD for larger, more complex and membrane-bound proteins

Fragment Elaboration

Developing and optimising systematic approaches to selecting suitable fragments for development and enhancement into potent leads (REFiL)