This research was funded (partially or fully) by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council.


Rapid elaboration of fragments into leads by X-ray crystallographic screening of parallel chemical libraries (REFiLx)
Matthew R Bentley, Olga V Ilyichova, Geqing Wang, Martin L Williams, Gaurav Sharma, Wesam S Alwan, Rebecca L Whitehouse, Biswaranjan Mohanty, Peter J. Scammells, Begona Heras, Jennifer L Martin, Makrina Totsika, Ben Capuano, Bradley Doak, and Martin J Scanlon
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Rapid Elaboration of Fragments into Leads Applied to Bromodomain-3 Extra Terminal Domain
Adams, L. A., Wilkinson-White, L. E., Gunzburg, M. J., Headey, S. J., Scanlon, M. J., Capuano, B., Mackay, J. P., and Doak, B. C.
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A virtual reality environment for exploring the principles of polypeptide structure
Doak, D. G., Denyer, G. S., Gerrard, J. A., Mackay, J. P., Allison, J. R.
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The Fragment-Based Development of a Benzofuran Hit as a New Class of Escherichia coli DsbA Inhibitors
Duncan, L., Wang, G., Ilyichova, O. V., Scanlon, M. J., Heras, B. M., & Abbott, B.
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