Chief Investigators

Ben Capuano

Dr Ben Capuano is a synthetic medicinal chemist specialising in GPCRs and leads the Fragment Elaboration theme. He is based at Monash University.

Joel Mackay

Professor Joel Mackay is a specialist in protein structure, function, design and engineering. He leads the Protein Expression theme and is based at the University of Sydney.

Ray Norton

Professor Ray Norton holds a Personal Chair at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. His lab employs a range of biophysical approaches, including NMR, SPR, ITC and X-ray crystallography, in studies of peptide and protein toxins and malaria.

Michael Kassiou

Professor Michael Kassiou utilises modern organic chemistry techniques to rationally design and synthesise novel compounds for a range of CNS targets. He is based at the University of Sydney.

Jonathan Baell

Professor Jonathan Baell researches the discovery of new anti-parasitic compounds for the treatment of malaria and neglected diseases and the potential of computer-aided design techniques to generate compounds that can be used to treat diseases. He is based at Monash University.