Dr Biswaranjan Mohanty

Dr Biswaranjan Mohanty was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Fragment-Based Design (CFBD), based at Monash University.

Research Overview

Biswaranjan’s research projects within the Centre focus on a variety of solution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) approaches to support ligand- and structure-based drug design, specifically:

  • Structure determination of proteins and protein―ligand complexes
  • CPMG relaxation dispersion NMR studying protein dynamics (micro – millisecond timescales)
  • High-throughput small molecule screening using ligand/protein detected experiments
  • Fast NMR data acquisition using non-uniform sampling and processing

Latest Publications

View Dr Mohanty’s latest ORCID publication listing here.


Completing both a Bachelor and Masters of Science (Physics) at Utkal University in India, Biswaranjan undertook his PhD in Physical Chemistry of Soft Condensed Matter at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

Before joining the Scanlon laboratory at Monash University and the CFBD, he worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Nobel Laureate Professor Kurt Wüthrich at Scripps Research in the USA for almost four years.

“The training and expertise I acquired at the Wüthrich lab inspired me to continue working on NMR-based research projects. My research philosophy always follows the guidelines of the 2018 medicine Nobel Laureate Professor Tasuku Honjo: ‘three c’s’ – curiosity, courage, challenge,” says Biswaranjan.

Grants and Awards

  • International Chemical Biology Society (ICBS) travel award
  • Junior Research Fellowship and eligibility for lectureship, Council of Scientific Industrial Research and University Grants Commission (Government of India)