Jamie Currie

Jamie Currie is a current PhD candidate within the Centre for Fragment-Based Design and is looking forward to meeting and collaborating with world leaders in fragment-based design.

“The opportunities for placement and learning from industry leaders is amazing,” they say.

Research Overview

Using a FBDD approach to find and expand hits into high affinity drugs, Jamie’s current research is focused on novel inhibitors of the Dengue virus. They have developed an SPR assay which allowed them access to affinity data and off-rate screening and will be used to improve hits.


Armed with an interest in chemistry, therapeutic drug design and a desire to help others, particularly inspired by the death of a close friend to cancer, Jamie completed their undergraduate studies and majored in Medicinal Chemistry. During their Honors year they worked on inhibitors of 53BP1 as a treatment for BRCA 1 mutant related breast cancer.

“I enjoyed doing my honors and researching so decided I could get further and do more in this field with a PhD,” says Jamie.