Jeyan Osman

Jeyan Osman is a PhD student within the Centre for Fragment-Based Design (CFBD) based at Monash University.

Research Overview
Jeyan’s research project is looking at accelerating PROTAC development.

Targeted protein degradation is an emerging modality for disease treatment, which offers a plethora of benefits, when compared to traditional inhibitor drugs. Proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs) fall into this new class of drugs, however there is currently a lack of general strategy for their design, and this introduces a bottleneck in their development pipeline.

Jeyan’s research is concerned with removing this bottleneck, by developing a platform for PROTAC analogue libraries to be screened as crude mixtures via biophysical and spectroscopic techniques.

Jeyan received a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Medicinal Chemistry major), and then completed an Honours year focusing on the development of photo-cleavable linkers from porous silicon nanoparticles for the delivery of anticancer agents.

For Jeyan, a Doctor of Philosophy means to make unknown things, known. “So naturally I thought this is the best way I can contribute to advancing humanity”, he says.

“I’ve always lived in Melbourne, but my inspiration comes from reading about the research done worldwide in the industry and in academia. I’m excited to work with the world class researchers in this group, and continue to build my research skills with.”