Xuefei Jing

Xuefei Jing is a PhD student within the Centre for Fragment-Based Design (CFBD) based at Sydney University.

Research Overview
Xuefei’s PhD project is about fragment-based drug discovery on purinergic transmembrane receptor P2X4 and bromodomain protein family.

Her research project is about discovering potent fragments to demonstrate high affinity bindings towards two groups of proteins: one is the P2X purinergic receptor family with main focus on P2X4, another one is the bromodomain protein family which consist of four different proteins.
The structures of these proteins and their potent fragment candidates will be determined as part of the project, using X-ray crystallography and/or Cryo EM techniques.

After completing her undergraduate study from The University of Waikato in New Zealand, Xuefei went to The Australian National University and finished an Honours degree in Chemistry. She moved away from research and worked for ten years and is now keen to start her PhD candidate at The University of Sydney.

“I grew up in New Zealand as a second generation of migrants. With the high quality of education which I’ve received from New Zealand and Australia, I notice my potential and interest in research”, Xuefei says. Even though she has been away from research for a long period of time, her passion of research still drives her back to academia.


Xuefei received the following awards:
– Summer scholarship in Microbiology (2009) from Thermophile & Microbial Biochemistry & Biotechnology Unit, Hamilton, New Zealand.
– Summer scholarship in Chemistry (2008) from The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

“What makes me interested about the ARC Centre is the fact that it is a good platform to communicate and interact with other researchers in the field. Understand what other researchers are tackling with, and the challenges and rewards they got from their work is very appealing.”, says Xuefei.

Xuefei can speak English, Mandarin and little bit of Japanese.