Zhe Ying (Zinc) Ha

Zhe Ying (Zinc) Ha is a PhD student within the Centre for Fragment-Based Design (CFBD) based at Griffith University.

Research Overview
Zhe Ying is working on identifying hit fragments for important drug targets using mass spectrometry.

Her focuses on using native mass spectrometry to identify hit fragments for drug targets of interest. The method requires only a minute amount of sample and allows us to observe binding of fragment molecules to the drug targets in a native state.

Zhe Ying graduated from Monash University Malaysia in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science (Honours). Her research topic was on the synthesis and evaluation of benzimidazoles for Alzheimer’s therapeutics, in which she acquired modest experience in organic synthesis and purification, in-vitro bioactivity assays, and cell culture techniques. Zhe Ying took a break from academia and worked at Johnson and Johnson Malaysia from 2019-2020 as a quality analyst. “It was eye-opening to learn about audits and regulations, but the monotony eventually led me back to research and this opportunity.”, Zhe Ying says.

“My supervisor, Dr Yeong Keng Yoon (Ken), from my Honours project is one of my inspirations to remain in science and research. We have had many discussions in the past that I look back on fondly. His honest outlook on life and education provided me a fresh perspective, and for that, I am always grateful.” Zhe Ying is looking forward to her placement with CFBD’s industry partners.

Zhe Ying was awarded First Class Honours and the Best Graduate Award for her Honours work. She also received a Best Scientific Poster Award at the 5th Monash Science Symposium, Malaysia.

“I had to leave my cat behind when I flew to Australia. Thankfully, she is being pampered by friends and family, and has likely forgotten my existence. ;)”, Zhe Ying shares.