2023 Inspiring Leadership Award

Congratulations to our Partner Investigator Professor Susie Nilsson from CSIRO for receiving the 2023 Inspiring Leadership Award from the BioMelbourne Network

Image credit: https://biomelbourne.org/women-in-leadership-awards/women-in-leadership-awards-honour-roll/

Launched in 2015, BioMelbourne Network’s Women in Leadership Awards recognise and champion women who are making outstanding contributions to the health-tech industry. The 2023 Awards Ceremony honoured three remarkable leaders, at different stages of their careers, who have taken strategic risks, tenaciously pursued goals and served as role models to the younger generation.

Susie Nilsson received the award in the category “Inspiring Leadership Award – Making it Happen”. This award recognises women playing an inspiring and pivotal role in the leadership of a project, partnership or collaborative initiative, approximately within the last 5-10 years.