Loving the industry life – Yildiz’s placement experience

Post written by Yildiz Tasdan, PhD Candidate at the CFBD Monash node

About four years ago, I was interviewed for the ITTC PhD Program on the day I submitted my Master’s thesis in Singapore. Now, I am in England doing my industry placement at Vernalis as part of my PhD at MIPS in Australia, and I have just returned from the US for a conference. I would not think a career in science would give me so many travelling opportunities. All these became possible thanks to the support from ARC CFBD.

My placement started at Vernalis, England four months ago, and I am absolutely loving the industry life. The first thing that surprised me here was how enthusiastic everyone is about research and training. I have been working on the synthesis of an extensive library of compounds using flow chemistry which provides excellent efficiency in the synthesis. I came here with no prior knowledge of flow chemistry. Thanks to the excellent training that my mentors provided, I am getting confident with my knowledge in the field and am willing to learn more. I am also learning about drug design and biophysics from the experts here. Everything I am learning here is in addition to the fundamental knowledge I gained in the first three years of my PhD at MIPS. The ITTC program prepared me for this placement very well, and ultimately it has been preparing me for an industry career.

CHI Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference Poster Presentation Award Ceremony (left to right; Anjani Shah, Yildiz Tasdan, An-Dinh Nguyen)

I was also fortunate to receive the CFBD travel grant to attend the CHI Drug Discovery Chemistry conference in San Diego. I had an opportunity to communicate my research with industry experts from various disciplines and expand my network. I attended two short courses and over 30 talks in 4 days, which was overall very fruitful. Through my poster presentation, I received the best poster prize as well.

I recommend every student and ECR follow the opportunities ARC CFBD offers and reach Anne to propose any training ideas and ask for additional support.

Thank you to Yildiz for writing this guest blog for CFBD and for sharing her experience with us!